#Proven To Be a Diva

To ease the effect of the cliffhanger at the end of Hearken, I’ve decided to throw you guys a bone and soothe your heartstrings a bit. Don’t worry – I won’t give anything away if you haven’t read Hearken yet. 🙂

Olivia is my loudest muse. And when I say loud, she’s successfully reached Diva Level: Beyonce….


….and is setting her sights on a secret level called Diva Level: Kanye West…


She talks to me at night, in the shower, while I’m cooking, in the car, and anywhere else that’s remotely inconvenient. Her favorite past time is demanding attention while I’m writing a Stasia chapter – choosing to reject the reality of being a secondary character. She’s convinced this entire series is about her. So to stroke her ego a bit, I wanted to post a teaser from Olivia’s first chapter in Proven (which happens to be Chapter 2 (because Chapter 3 or 4 was NOT acceptable):

“Sit up.”

Considering the command ringing in my ears involved actual, voluntary movement, I stubbornly remained crumpled on the frigid, stone floor that had been my only companion for the last twelve hours. Unfortunately for my kidneys, she had no intentions of asking twice. The piercing, sharp pain that reverberated up my side and across every internal organs gave me the motivation I needed to push my body against the wall and slowly push myself into a sitting position. The chains clamped to my ankles had become my nemesis. They taunted me. Stealing my essence and leaving me broken. I hated them almost as much as I hated the devil of a woman standing over me. Almost.

“Well, since you asked so nicely…” I spit out before wiping my mouth; mixing blood with the inch of dirt already caked onto the back of my hand. I really needed a shower. And possibly a medic.

I can’t wait to share the rest of Proven with you!! I’ll be posting more teasers soon!

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