In a world filled with locked dreams and suffocating fear…

kristenbio…our true fairytales are demanding to be written. They surround us, permeate our souls, yet remain ever elusive. They churn with good and evil; forever intertwined in an epic dance of destruction and sacrifice. But amidst their fiery dance, a single hero  rises from the  ashes; a fleeting glimpse of our own true calling. It is your time.  Your fairytale aches to grace the pages of your life. The hero within you yearns for a place for that furtive story to unfold; a place for you to rise from the ashes of this life’s limitations and emerge victorious.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to hand you the key to unlock your inner magic. I invite you to come with me to a place where heroes are born and the seeds of truth can flourish.

Your fairytale deserves a hero, but more importantly, the hero within you deserves a fairytale.

Kristen Day

is a southern belle at heart with a crazy streak that desperately tries to escape at every opportunity. If it’s nostalgic, rustic, or slightly deranged – she’ll hoard it on Pinterest or file it away in her mind’s ‘world-building’ folder (which happens to be right behind the ‘unicorn meme’ folder).