When the Child Within Meets Her Unborn Daughter

Disclaimer: The following post runs on a more serious vein; allowing all of you wonderful people to peek into the life altering events I’ve waded through over the past 5 months. The normal, witty, sometimes sub-par attempts at entertaining posts will follow soon after now that I’ve found my equilibrium once again:) There comes an inevitable cataclysm that sparks a … Read More

Blow Your Own Milk Bubbles

When I was younger, I peeled the paper off of my crayons. I didn’t like the feel of the crayons in my hand with the paper on. The feel of the paper didn’t match what the crayon left on the paper. I wanted to feel what the paper felt. I thought that if I could feel the crayon as I … Read More

#Proven to be a Classic Couple

Ricker and Carmen are the quintessential love-hate couple with the tumultuous relationship complete with deep-rooted issues and passion that never dies. They’ve been through hell and back with the ability to piss each other off with just a look, then in the next moment be cuddled up in the corner whispering sweet nothings to each other. It’s enough to make … Read More

#Proven to be a Hot Mess

We all know I love cliffhangers. I love to write them and I love to read books with. Endings are so finite. So complete, so IN YOUR FACE. Even the happily ever afters. They are slightly softer, wrapped in a pretty pink ribbon before being doused with silver glitter and ALL THE FEELS. A part of me revels in the … Read More

First Look! Proven’s Blurb!

The blurb for Proven is DONE! It’s just vague enough to drive you crazy, but specific enough to convey how EPIC it’s going to be! đŸ™‚ Check it…   The thrilling last installment of the Daughters of the Sea series is the culmination of a breathtaking saga that will steal your heart and enchant your soul. As the Atlantean Games … Read More

#Proven To Be a Diva

To ease the effect of the cliffhanger at the end of Hearken, I’ve decided to throw you guys a bone and soothe your heartstrings a bit. Don’t worry – I won’t give anything away if you haven’t read Hearken yet. đŸ™‚ Olivia is my loudest muse. And when I say loud, she’s successfully reached Diva Level: Beyonce…. ….and is setting … Read More

Fifty Shades of Controversy

The world as we know it will forever be changed after this Saturday, February 14th 2015. What you previously thought was just another commercialized, anxiety-riddled Valentine’s Day will be anything but. Come Sunday, February 15th we will all be living in a Post-FSOG Movie world. Cities will fall! Homes will burn! Our eyes will bleed! Churches everywhere will implode from … Read More

How To Survive Valentine’s Day If You’re S.I.N.G.L.E.

S: Segregate, Separate, Amputate. The last thing you want on the dreaded V-day is to be enjoying a plateful of baked ziti in your favorite restaurant and hear this in the next booth: Dude: “Your eyes are like stars sparkling from the heavens above…” Doe-eyed Chick: “Ermergherd you are totally romantic…” Dude: “Uh oh, you have some sauce on your … Read More

Hindsight of a Writer: 4 Moments I Should Have Seen Coming

Hindsight’s a funny thing. It bubbles up into our stream of consciousness like okra in a Fry Daddy. Unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t taste as good. It’s more like the last piece out – charred beyond recognition. Thankfully, it’s not always burnt bits of floured vegetables. Sometimes it provides the clarity of a destiny playing out right beneath … Read More

Indie-Visible PubHub Launch!!

Hey Authors! Did you know you can visit Indie-Visible’s PubHub to build your own publishing team? Indie-Visible is giving extra focus to the PubHub side of things and want to give a big shout out to our AWESOME TEAM OF FREELANCERS. Indie authors can use this list of highly recommended professionals to “Build Their Publishing Team” and gain assistance in all … Read More