The Maze Runner: Author Edition

Get those gray matter proof shields out and get ready for your mind to be BLOWN. Or atleast lightly ruffled. Disheveled? Vaguely tousled? I’ve long contemplated the intimidating question: What is your writing process? Since “spitting chunks of brain matter randomly onto my keyboard in hopes that it makes sense to the readers at large” isn’t necessarily what people want … Read More

5 Things Your Antagonist Isn’t Telling You

1. They think the book is about them Unbeknownst to the rest of your characters or the plot outline you’ve worked on for the last week, your entire novel is about your antagonist. It’s their world and we are simply documenting it. You think you came up with the idea that protog 1 and protog 2 are falling hopelessly in … Read More

Announcement! Announcement!

GUESS WHAT? (if you answer chicken butt, I will hunt you down and give you a stern, yet loving, frown of disapproval) Before I wrote my first novel, I poured all of my thoughts and overdramatic emotional states into the form of poetry and prose. They filled journals and random pages of notebooks and backs of textbooks (don’t tell Mrs. … Read More

BOO-YAH and Other Inspiring Musings of Stuart Scott

If I told you that you’d be making a speech in front of 100 people tomorrow, what would be your first reaction? Make a break for the nearest worm hole? Submit to a full fledged panic attack complete with chills, unintelligible mumbling, and convulsions? Blow chunks in the bathroom you meant to clean yesterday but figured it could wait another … Read More

☠ How to Successfully Kill Off Your Characters ☠

Be it my unresolved anger from childhood bullying or a sick disposition towards death – I love killing people. Let me rephrase that – I love killing off made-up characters that have taken up residence in my frontal lobe. Books are nothing if not conduits of ALL THE FEELS and highways for raw emotions bubbling with angst. Your plot should … Read More

5 Signs You’re Experiencing The Slow Death Of Your Soul

According to recent over-exaggerated studies performed by less than qualified scientists who work for generic non-distinct universities, there is a new epidemic sweeping across the nation at an alarming rate. This silent but deadly disorder has the potential to effect us all, however people with rolling laptop bags are especially at risk. Residual Genius Disorder, or RGD as it’s known … Read More

Bleed Every Day

Bloodletting is an ancient practice associated with an equally ancient system meant to rid one’s body of disease. Purging is the slightly more modern and much more destructive practice of ridding one’s body of life sustaining food. Cutting is the even more modern practice of slicing one’s skin to rid one’s body of immense pressurized emotional pain or an equally … Read More

10 Reasons I’m a Super Special Snowflake…just like everyone else

I have just enough talent to be a domestic goddess and just enough stubbornness to do anything but. My guardian angel is a Jamaican black woman. I speak in complex metaphors sprinkled with sarcasm, dipped in a vat of thick southern accents. I don’t listen to music – I feel it. I don’t see inanimate objects as they are – … Read More

Barnes and Noble Book Rave – Part Two

We crave truth, but we require it wrapped securely in a blanket of delusion in order to digest and make sense of it. But that’s where the truth is ultimately lost. Within that fluffy blanket lies what threatens our wellbeing; our carefully built lens we see the world through. And that’s okay. Our hearts have an amazing ability to overcome … Read More

My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager

I’ve come to learn that the majority of people fear the very demons I’ve had to face, accept, and wrangle long ago. I tend to hide my strength; I restrain my comfort, understanding, and fascination of the dark side of humanity and the destruction of the soul because it makes others fidgety and fearful. I think most of the fear … Read More